Galvanic coatings

We have many years of experience in surface treatment of metals using electrolite and chemical processes.

Our passivation that guarantee resistance to corrosion without containing VI chromium. Our processes take place on fully automated lines that include every phase. It includes phases such as preparing the surface, galvanisation, passivation and possibly sealing of the coating.

The maximum length of elements that can be galvanised is 7,8m

We specialize in the following coatings:

Acid zinc – this is the process of zinc electrolites depositing on a high gloss and smooth surfaces. That is applied both on suspension systems as well as the drum system. In our offer we also have a plating process that specificially covers cast iron. It guarantees good nucleation, great coveration, its quick in deposition, looks smooth and has extraordinary metal decomposition.

Alkaline zinc – this is a process of electrolite deposits that covers the surface evenly, it has great coverage even with low power density. Also it has high resistance to corrosion. It is used for suspension systems.

Zinc-nickel acid – this electrolite deposit process quickly covers the surface with zinc-nickel that contains about 10 to 16% nickel. This is used to coat casting iron, for example: parts of the braking system in industrial automation.

This coating characterizes itself with very high resistance to corrosion and excellent adhesion. It even holds up in temperatures over 180 degrees Celsius. Some benefits to this process is it distributes thick coating very well, it has the capactiy to cover surfaces with low electric density, and it maintains nickel coating value. Furthermore the coating is shiny with a fine crystalline finish. It is applied on the drum system.

Anodising Aluminium – this is an electrochemical process that is based on manufacturing an aluminium oxide layer surface. Benefits: cleanliness and crystalline structure, increase in surface hardness, increase in resistance to abrasion, increase in resistance to corrosion and is esthetically pleasing.

Phosphate coating: this is a chemical process that manufactures a security coating that is matte grey in color. This phosphate coating is used on steel surfaces or zinc materials, it is used under a coat of paint. Benefits: fine crystalline, thick phosphate coating. It is applied to the suspension system.

Chroming aluminium to gold (alodine) – this is the process of producing coating that is converting on an aluminium surface, the goal to increase powder paint adhesion and build resistant to aluminium corrosion. Protective coating takes on a light gold or light brown shade.

Passivation of aluminium – this process produces conversions on aluminium surfaces that is based on chrome 3+. It guarantees resistance to corrosion. It is applied during varnishing, powder painting and gluing processes. It creates a light blue tint that does not degrade in high temperatures.

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