Cataphoretic coating


As part of company development we offer varnishing services – e-coat coating that is based on technological companies: HENKEL AG & CO, along with BASF Coatings GmbH:
Based on many years of experience in imposing galvanic coating we took extra care to make sure the paint coatings were prepared with a surface that eliminates corrosion centers in the material, which is why – not by coincidence – the new electrophoresis process combines CQI-11 and CQI-12. The KTL line is fully automatic and contains a number of innovative solutions in each of its sections. Alkaline degreasing: spray and dip – takes place in separate baths then we have double rinsing, also in separate baths including hot and spray rinsing. All these baths are filtered using neodymium magnets. The pickling section eliminates corrosion centers and corrosion products, which significantly distinguishes our line from others that do not have this treatment. The pickling ensures better surface preparation impossible to achieve even with the additional use of blasting or abrasive machining. We have implemented covering impossible to implement on lines without such a section. The zinc-phosphating section begins with a low conductivity rinsing with a fresh spray of di water, and very good activation. The microcrystalline structure is applied in a specialized installation with a filter press and then rinsed twice. A nano-coating zirconia conversion is a seal or alternative. We have a specific and also the most extensive process of surface preparation on the best technology and full service of outstanding HENKEL specialists. The e-coat/UF section with the third, spray ultrafiltration closes the arrangement of the 22 bathtubs with hoist shipment. To obtain the coating ktl is used technology and service of BASF specialists with the CG570F product that guarantees a universal coating for each substrate with increased plasticity and better edge protection. Polimerization takes place in a special gas dryer in Tech-Mal company. Painted parts are transported via P&F company Caldan and will be combined in the next stage – powdered painting. During the installation line we use componenets that are produced by 33 renowned companies. The line has been built and is operated by specialists with many years of experience, characterized by a very professional approach, openness to the customer and a guarantee of continuous development. Thanks to the involvement of the Department of Ironworks, we can make each hanger and dedicate it to a particular reference. The dimensions of the batch are 3600x1500x1100. We invite everyone who implements standard projects and those with the need to meet the highest requirements.